Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Perth WA

Adelphi Living provides Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) solutions all across Perth WA with Short Term Accommodation (STA) & Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) options available

Providing NDIS Housing Solutions

New Purpose Built Disability Accommodation across Perth WA

As an SDA solutions provider in Perth WA, Adelphi Living has access to beautiful new SDA houses and apartments for NDIS funded Participants. This type of disability housing is purposely designed and built that specifically support autonomy, dignity and continuous improvement:

Supported Accommodation with Improved Accessibility

At Adelphi Living, we aim to provide a high level of care in an enjoyable, modern and safe environment.

Our Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) solutions make it possible through intended designs, delivering more accessibility, safety and comfort.

These new SDA homes are among the best kind of supported accommodation available. They come fully furnished, complimented with large bedrooms and personal bathroom designed to exceed NDIS accommodation requirements:

Depending on your needs and our availabilities, we can provide our disability care services in Fully Accessible (FA) or High Physical Support (HPS) SDA homes.

Feel free to contact us to discover what is available at the moment! Our friendly team will get back to you very shortly!

A wide range of SDA Homes all across Perth WA

We have access to a growing number of SDA homes and we provide disability rental housing options all across Perth WA.

Treeby (Cockburn area) and Midland are among the latest locations that we have and more are coming up soon!

This is fantastic news for NDIS Participants and their relatives as they can finally live in new purpose designed SDA housing facilities and choose a location that suits their needs!

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

At Adelphi Living, we make your journey through the NDIS easier by providing 24/7 Home Living Support & Accommodation.

We provide the staff that suits your very specific needs of care and have access to a range of quality SDA housing to ensure the best lifestyle you deserve.

We do our best to meet every individual requirements through all of our independent living solutions and we believe that the place you live in is a very important part of it. Some disabilities require specific staff, accommodation and equipment such as mental health conditions, high intensity care or wheelchair access.

With our person-centred approach, we can fulfill these conditions and help you to achieve your goals!

NDIS Short & Medium Term Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation SDA Treeby WA

As an NDIS care & housing solutions provider, we offer NDIS short and medium term accommodation including respite care.

It is an opportunity to enjoy our services while away from your usual home, to try new services or areas that may suit you better.

With Adelphi Living, enjoy a wide range of home care services to satisfy all your needs during your stay and move into a purpose built SDA home!

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Feel free to contact us and tell us about your needs. Depending on your preferences, we can look for the closest location available and find the solution which suits you best.