SDA Funding Eligibility

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Am I eligible for SDA?

SDA Funding may be an option for you

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How to get SDA and SIL funding support?

SDA Funding Requirements

The NDIS participants who get SDA approved in their NDIS plans are people who, even with appropriate home modifications and/or assistive technologies, still need a high level of in-home support from a paid worker with daily activities such as getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, moving around, preparing meals or accessing the community.

SDA is intended for participants who have an extreme or complete functional impairment due to disability or have very high support needs (including housing needs) most appropriately met by an SDA response

The NDIS will approve SDA for people with very high support needs. ‘Very high support needs’ means one or more of the following:

  • That your ‘informal supports’ (people who help you but don’t get paid for their help; often family or friends) can’t meet your personal care needs
  • You have spent a long time in a group home or residential aged care (this includes people who already live in Shared Supported Accommodation / Group Homes / young people living in nursing homes etc.)
  • You use behaviours that pose a risk to yourself or others

Am I eligible for SDA funding?

If you answer Yes to any one of the questions below, then you may be eligible for SDA funding:

Do you use a wheelchair to mobilise?

Do you require assistance for transfers?

Do you require assistance with personal care?

Would specialised accommodation help improve your degree of independence?

Have you previously or do you currently live in supported accommodation?

How to get SDA and SIL funding?

The pathway to obtaining SDA and SIL funding support is made simple by Adelphi Living


Get Started

Initial meeting with Adelphi Living to identify your living needs


SDA Assessment

Undertake the necessary assessments to determine your eligibility for SDA funding


Funding Application

Apply for funding, identify your housing preference and prepare your SDA application


SDA Funding Approval

 SDA funding approved in your NDIS plan 


SIL Assessment and Application

SIL ROC submission and application to NDIS for approval


SIL Application Approval

Approval of SIL submission



Sign-off your lease agreement and move into your new home!

NDIS Children

NDIS for Children Aged 7 and Over

Our services are also available for children aged seven and over. They may be eligible and get support from the NDIS if they have significant disability. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about eligibility criteria.

How can we help?

As an NDIS Provider, we try to make the NDIS process as easy as possible. If you have any doubt about your eligibility to our services, feel free to contact us. Our friendly team will get back to you very soon!